August 25, 2010

This is the Place Park

So, this was a new one for all of us. We really enjoyed it! Right across from the Hogle Zoo is This is the Place park. WOW! So much to do, so much to see.
The entrace fee was $9 for adults and $7 for kids over 4. But it was SO worth it. With your admission you get a wrist band that has 3 boxes. When you do an activity they will cross off a box, so the kids had to choose activities wisely.... Plus, I gave them each one of my boxes... so they each did 4! Some activities don't take a box, so we still had lots to do.
Besides touring the old cabins and houses, Learning about different trades like tinsmithing, leather tanning, and cabinetry, we did many things.
There were crafts in some of the cabins, one cabin we learned about the pioneer children... what their chores were, what games they played, etc.
We also rode the train around, there is a petting zoo, panning for gold, a playground, Native american village, Ice cream and snow cone shop, old fashioned candy and toy store, pony rides, and so much more. We were there till close(5 p.m.) and still didn't have time to do it all. My kids all want to go again soon. Me too!! Next time though, we will take lots of water.... it was HOT!!

August 15, 2010

Health Contest

For the month of August, I am participating in 2 "Contests". The first is a deal with my Sister in law's that we would go all month without sweets! The second is a contest with my company, It is a month long health challenge. We get points for how much water we drink(up to 12 cups a day), how much exercise we get(up to 2 hours daily), how many fruits and veggies we eat (up to 10 a day), how much sleep we get(up to 8 hours daily). We subtract 5 points for every sweet or soda. The winners in the company will get cash prizes! I got myself a prize already though, Sketchers shapeups shoes, although I can't wear them until I make it through the month!
So, because I'm not eating sweets for one contest, I'm doing pretty good on the other! I'm posting this because, I challenged my girls to do one of the contests. Emmie gave up after the first day, but Kilee and I have now made it halfway through the month! It hasn't been as hard as I thought it would be. I have had a few days where I've really had to focus on not eating sweets, but for the most part I am not even tempted. Kilee chose to do the "work" contest, so she has had a few days where she has had sweets, but she made sure she exercised for an hour those days to make up some points. If she has 700 points by the end of the month, I will pay her $20.00. She is really doing well, and we talked today about how after the month is over, we both know that we can do it, and we both have decided to only eat sweets occasionally!